Trendy Casuals

With certainty we now know that how we dress for work and for going out is dramatically changing. But wait, what work? Going out, where?  Covid 19 really left us scarred. Millions of Americans lost jobs due to pandemic which also means that most of the year of 2020 millions of them woke up in pajamas and stayed in pajamas for the rest of the day. Thousands of bars and restaurants closed; many of them permanently.

We can assume that many businesses will continue operating over the zoom for another year.  We know from the history that every time there is a catastrophe, the changes in social, economic, political and fashion trends will follow.

So, what will happen with business attire and how the comfortable clothing will evolve, only time will show.  

One trend that has established itself and will not go anywhere is a high-end street fashion and luxury comfortable clothes. We have seen many celebrities wearing some pieces that will make us want to overhaul our wardrobes. I am obsessed with Bebe Rexha‘s posts on Instagram. She is definitely on top of this trend.

Inspired by her style, I created the flair sleeve cropped hoodie in metallic fabric that is screaming in rebellion. That with the high waisted layered skirt and maybe paired with Dr. Martens or stilettos could work in all seasons, and for diverse occasions, such as trendy bars and gallery visits.

The trend is unarguably gaudy and egocentric. But how do we tame the wild spirit? The answer is – with the ethical fashion. Sustainability has been a dominating word in the past years in fashion industry and many global fashion companies are slowly transitioning to it. Incorporating sustainability in high-end street fashion will definitely reduce the damage. I do not think we have a choice anyway.  We have been cornered by the imminent global warming.  

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