Are You Ready for Summer

No question it has been a difficult year for the world and we cannot wait to leave all this behind us. Anticipation of summer days can be exciting but what will we wear and were we go with it can be a challenge for many of us.

Music festivals are probably out of questions. We will have limited pleasure visiting bars and restaurants. Parks and outdoor activities will require sportswear.

So, what we can do with our wardrobe, piles of party and special event clothes we have so carefully invested into? Great question and let’s say it is time to start putting together some looks, repurposing the pieces, mixing, and matching.

Denim is always a great choice and as for the top, feel free to go extravagant or minimal – there is nothing too much or too little the denim pants cannot handle. 

Polka dots are also another fashion phenomenon. This highly versatile graphic print with working class roots, has considerable artistic latitude and no limits in fashion social hierarchy.

Enduring fashion items definitely make our lives easy. With overloaded work schedules no one wants to spend more than 30 minutes for a dress up. I will end up this post with a recommendation: Never get rid of enduring styles and fashion items from your wardrobe. They are life savers.

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