Fashion bibs

This evening I had dinner plans and decided to wear this bib blouse. In fact, I have created several versions of bib blouses and at this point I must admit to myself that I have some special fascination for them.

As I was checking myself in the mirror, a funny thought occurred to me – while having dinner, I could use this gorgeous red layer of my blouse to wipe up my mouth. That thought prompted me to another recollection of a friend’s birthday dinner in a very elegant restaurant in downtown Manhattan, when right across from our table, a very cool girl, apparently on a dinner date, took out a tooth floss and very elegantly flossed her teeth right in front of her date.

My eyes popped and I can never forget that scene, and while nothing really came out from her gorgeous white teeth, it left me wonder about social norms and their effects on history of garments.

Well, back to the bib on my blouse and the history of bibs –  Clearly, in the past, a functional piece of garment, it has gone through  centuries of transformation, from functional, detachable piece to  fashionable raffles.  The most drastic transformation of a bib would be a tie which still is almost a social norm for men’s business professional attire.

Social norms coupled with idiosyncrasies of fashion set the garment trends and the two together keep the entire fashion affair in balance.

This two-layer bib is permanently attached to the blouse and when creating it, wiping up my mouth with it was not what I had in mind. With these transparent cream and red chiffon layers, I wanted to trigger a mystery and mitigate the effects of an otherwise chronically flamboyant polka dots.

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